Friday, August 11, 2017

Yet another Readathon! 7 in 7!

Hello everyone -

I am heading to Florida tomorrow to stay with my mom and do NOTHING!! Ok, well not nothing, but close to it! The goal is to relax and do the things I want to do without being on ANY timeline! I plan on doing lots of the following: Crafting (making cards with my mom), eating, reading, sitting by the pool, and laying around being lazy! One day, I am also going to go visit my dad and step mom b/c I have to make rounds while in Florida. Soon, the list of people to visit will be even longer, with how many people I know that are retiring there!

There is a readathon that starts while I am in FL! It's incredibly laid back and the goal is to simply read 7 "things" in 7 days... So that could mean, textbooks, poetry, graphic novels, etc. I don't know if I can do it but it can't hurt to try! I won't be preparing a TBR this time... I will create it as I go. But, I did have a few things in mind. I have the very first volume of 'Lumberjanes'. I hope to read that, as well as, finish Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. For some reason, it is taking me awhile to get lost in this book. Somewhere along the way, I will read 5 other things. The readathon goes from Aug 14 - 20 12am to 12am!

Happy Reading! If you want to participate, here is info on Twitter:

Follow @7in7readathon on Twitter

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