Monday, February 27, 2017

Book Hauls and

Hello everyone!

As you all know, I am super into reading since I discovered BookTube about a year ago. Starting Grad School, DEFINITELY hindered that rekindling of love for books but I have been reading more this past year than  in the last decade or so, even with school. I try very hard to make time for it. I sometimes get lost watching videos and not spending that time reading which I hope to remedy but let's face it -- BookTube is fabulous!

I recently made a Book Outlet purchase (pics below).

And yesterday, I went to the used bookstore near me for the first time in forever! I did not find as many books as I had hoped but hauled them in a picture below!

I recently found out about NetGalley, thanks to BookTube. It is a place where you can requests e-ARC's... which are essentially e-books that are Advanced Reading Copies! So I can read and review them before they come out. I requested a few and did not get my hopes up b/c I am new to this 'blogging' thing. But, I ended up receiving a bunch. I unfortunately, have yet to review any. Currently, I am finishing up 'The Edge of Everything' which is an incredible debut! I love it so far and I am 3/4 of the way through. After that, I will start my first ARC in order of when they are coming/came out. My first one came out 6 days ago on the 21st of February and I will start with that one so I can do a review! That book is called 'Optimists Die First' by Susin Nielsen. Per NetGalley's website, here is the posted summary:

Sixteen-year-old Petula de Wilde is anything but wild. A former crafting fiend with a happy life, Petula shut herself off from the world after a family tragedy. She sees danger in all the ordinary things, like crossing the street, a bug bite, or a germy handshake. She knows: life is out to get you. 

The worst part of her week is her comically lame mandatory art therapy class with a small group of fellow misfits. Then a new boy, Jacob, appears at school and in her therapy group. He seems so normal and confident, though he has a prosthetic arm; and soon he teams up with Petula on a hilarious project, gradually inspiring her to let go of some of her fears. But as the two grow closer, a hidden truth behind why he’s in the group could derail them, unless Petula takes a huge risk. . .

Book Haul from BookOutlet and my cute lil Bella in the background!

Just because I cannot help but take pictures of pretty books!

The Front Cover is made of vellum-like material!

Haul from Friends of the Library Bookstore!

Don't forget to come back to see my review and other bookish and crafty updates!

Until then... be well!