Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My #ShareHandmadeKindess

Hello Again!

Twice in a week!? What is going on here? :)  I just wanted to post a picture of my handmade kindness. I made air plants with handmade mugs and tags -- and a pretty lil butterfly for a few of my friends! I made a few others a week or so back but I really have to take their mugs back and work on them because they are just plain.  Here is a shot of the front and the back of the mugs. 

See the blog post below for all of the information on Jennifer McGuire Ink...

Monday, November 2, 2015

#sharehandmadekindness -- A Jennifer McGuire Ink Challenge :)

I know it has been awhile. Things have been so very busy since the move and I have not even finished unpacking, believe it or not. I'm waiting for the winter to do that -- when I'm stuck in the house because it's way too cold for me out there. Brrr.

For now, I did want to post something that I think is a very kind and awesome idea... Jennifer McGuire is doing a #sharehandmadekindess challenge on her blog for the entire month in November. Each week there will be a new challenge. You don't have to be an avid crafter -- you can make a small treat with a touch of personalization... have some leftover halloween candy that you don't want to continue staring at while it taunts you? - Go ahead and gift it with a personal note....

Here is the challenge if  you want details!  http://www.jennifermcguireink.com/2015/11/share-handmade-kindness-challenge-week-1-friends-family.html

Hope to catch up in the next few months -- Until then, Happy Fall and have fun sharing kindess :)