Thursday, December 30, 2010

Catch Up - Happy New Year!!

Sorry I have not been blogging but the holiday season was oh so busy! I made over 50 cards! Some were for family and friends that I sent out.. and I made 20 for our company holiday silent auction. 3 variety packs of 5 and 1 pack of 5 3x3 thank you cards. I have posted pictures below! Most of these I got ideas from youtube videos (thanks darlene03, dawn, etc) and changed it up a bit -- thank you to all of the wonderful ideas.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.. and Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Scrapbooking Pics & Update

Hi All!

I have been so busy with one of my very best friend's wedding and travelling to and from PA for all of the festivities.. but it was well worth it. My Wittle Risa is finally married and officially a MRS!!! The wedding was beautiful and everyone was there to love and support her and Dave's marragie. I know they had a blast. It was fabulous to see her so happy and have everything go off without a hitch (pardon my pun!)

I have not had the chance to scrapbook very much. I did do a few pages for Neil and my scrapbook of our Mexico trip and have not taken pics of them yet but in the past month, I have not done much!

However, Melissa has! Here are two additional pics of her scrapbook. She also has completed at least two more that are even more beautiful -- believe it or not! I have posted two more below.

I have my very first Stampin Up! Hostess Workshop for Melissa... so wish me luck! We hope to hold more in the future... especially with her as the hostess :) Wish me luck!!! Will keep ya updated!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Productive Weekend!

Hi All -

I had a fantastic non-stop weekend! The crab feast was awesome and I had a great time hangin out in the sun, eating my favorite thing in the world, and hangin out with great friends! The Block Party that Redline Addiction played out was SO much fun! I always get to see people I don't expect there and it seems there is always a surprise - this year, it was Tori! She was the guest of someone who knew the neighbor of the person that Redline Addiction (Neil) knew. Small world! The show was great and while they rocked out - even the kids danced their tails off!

Sunday was scrapbooking day with Melissa! I ended up making a Squash Book for Neil (I got the idea from Holly Krautkremer -- see her awesome blog here:
So, the funny thing is I didn't end up working on anything that I had planned on. No card making and no working on the scrapbook for Mexico! HA! But I do love the little book I made Neil. It ended up taking over 9 hours!!! OY!

Here is the Squash book I made. Pardon the quality of the pictures. Until I upload the ones from my camera, you are stuck with the pics I took on my Droid.

Cover of the Squash Book
Inside panels...

Melissa worked on her engagement album! It is so so super cute! She did such a great job and did almost everything by hand. The girl puts most crafters to shame. Check out her two pages below! She got the ideas and layouts from

First page!
Second page!
Brilliant, huh?

Hope you enjoyed the update! Until next time..

Friday, August 6, 2010

Crafting this Weekend / Stampin Up!

Happy Friday Everyone!

This weekend, I am getting together with a great friend of mine Melissa. She recently got married so she has a ton of memories and events to scrapbook! She really liked the StampinUp! products and how everything matches and purchased several things from me in the new catalog. (Note: Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip go BEAUTIFULLY together and match her wedding colors!) so this Sunday, we are going to pull all of our stuff together and scrapbook all day! I am so excited, as I never really have time to do stuff like this - especially for an entire day! I am still deciding if I want to start all of my holiday cards or start a scrapbook of my trip to Mexico with Neil (Our first vacation together :) ) I really should start the scrapbook but SO many holidays are coming up that I always send out cards for -- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (my first year tackling this huge task) and Valentine's Day. With my busy schedule, I should probably take any oppurtunity I can to get started on them. I plan to post pictures of my projects (guess it will be a surprise until then!) and if you are lucky, Melissa might allow me to post some of her projects. She is so talented, it's almost ridiculous! She typically does not have time to craft but ended up doing all of the invitations, menus, programs, etc for her wedding and they looked absolutely fabulous! Now she has so many more materials at her disposal, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

I am a SU! demonstrator so if you want to place an order, please visit my website and shop online!

I did promise that I would add in a few things about my personal life just to make the blog a little more interesting for non-paper crafters.  -- This weekend I have lots of other plans. Tonight I am trying to fit in more than I can probably handle, seeing as I am working til 7pm! I have to get my bridesmaid dress fitted (one of my very very best friends Lisa is getting married Labor Day weekend!! YAY! I am so thrilled to be a part of her wedding in PA). I hope to get together with Melissa to go through her SU! order and have other potential plans in the works (possible BBQ with Redline Addiction boys). Tomorrow, I am attending the Annual Crab Feast that my friends Donkey and Lauren throw every year and I am so so excited for it! First of all, I like crabs more than any other food in the WORLD, and give me a comfy spot to eat them, and I am locked in for a few hours, at least! I can't wait to spend time with everyone and eat some great food! After that, I am going to head to a block party where my boyfriend (in band Redline Addiction) is playing. It's a private event that we went to last year - full of fun! This year, they asked them to play the party! We may even go see a movie afterwards with our friends Josh and Heather. BOY! I am gonna be one tired chica! Then I will relax and recoup while doing my favorite thing Sunday - scrapbooking.

A special shout out to my best friend who is leaving for the Outer Banks today. She has never been there and deserves some time away -- I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures!

I will be sure to let you know how the weekend goes and post pictures of fun projects. Cross your fingers that we get a lot done! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Introduction to my new blog!!

Hello All -

Welcome to my new blog. I tried to put a ton of stuff under the 'About Me' section but spent a half an hour needing to cut it down to make it 1200 characters... So I will just continue from there.

I started this blog because I wanted a place to express myself, my creativity with cards and scrapbooking and interact with others. Technology today only makes having a blog more 'normal'. I will be posting all sorts of things on this blog so please feel free to stop back anytime or 'follow' me on Blogger and Twitter.

I look forward to getting together with all of my paper crafting friends this summer - my mom, Sonia, Erin, and Melissa to get to work on some fun projects!

I am going to finish this entry with a list of some of my very favorite things since that wouldn't fit in the About Me section so you can get to know me better... (even though I'm SURE only friends will be reading this).

Some of my favorite things:

~Collecting Books
~my pets!!
~watching youtube crafting videos
~TiVo (specifically Friends, Brothers & Sisters, Weeds, and most dramas on ABC)
~Rachael Ray
~My Smart Phone (The Droid)
~Discover Magazine
~A good cry
~Woodchuck Amber Cider
~MD Blue Crabs
~The Beach
~Pretty much anything I do with Neil
~Long Drives
~Stampin Up!
~Matt Nathanson
~Other Cultures
~Redline Addiction
~Tank tops
~Purses & Shoes
~University of MD
~Keurig Machine (the celestial lemon iced tea but HOT)
~The Melting Pot

(and yes, I will be adding to this list)

I look forward to using this blog and learning how to tailor it to what I want and need. Have a fabulous evening!