Thursday, May 7, 2015

I survived my move!!!

Hello World!

I'm typing this message from my new ...... CRAFT ROOM!!!!! So, I have not yet unpacked one box but I did get a desk in it last night and set up my laptop to work from home today. I wish I could get a good pic with the entire room but it doesnt look like that is possible but I will be having some before and after photos. I plan to work on this room a bit during the week and at least one weekend day until it's done. Here is my big before picture!

Behind all of this mess, there is a rather large closet. I am so so thrilled to finally have a craft room and not create in my dining room. A lot of people don't understand but crafting is more than a hobby for me.. It's my sanity, my creativity, my peace, and my fun! So this is a monumental and very exciting step! I'm incredibly lucky to have this new space :)

Bella doesnt have a 'spot' in my craft room yet and seems a bit distraught about it. She will survive. I will find a nice place for her. :) 

Be on the lookout for my after pics. I dont think I will be crafting until it's all together so until then..... thanks for reading!

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