Monday, August 9, 2010

Productive Weekend!

Hi All -

I had a fantastic non-stop weekend! The crab feast was awesome and I had a great time hangin out in the sun, eating my favorite thing in the world, and hangin out with great friends! The Block Party that Redline Addiction played out was SO much fun! I always get to see people I don't expect there and it seems there is always a surprise - this year, it was Tori! She was the guest of someone who knew the neighbor of the person that Redline Addiction (Neil) knew. Small world! The show was great and while they rocked out - even the kids danced their tails off!

Sunday was scrapbooking day with Melissa! I ended up making a Squash Book for Neil (I got the idea from Holly Krautkremer -- see her awesome blog here:
So, the funny thing is I didn't end up working on anything that I had planned on. No card making and no working on the scrapbook for Mexico! HA! But I do love the little book I made Neil. It ended up taking over 9 hours!!! OY!

Here is the Squash book I made. Pardon the quality of the pictures. Until I upload the ones from my camera, you are stuck with the pics I took on my Droid.

Cover of the Squash Book
Inside panels...

Melissa worked on her engagement album! It is so so super cute! She did such a great job and did almost everything by hand. The girl puts most crafters to shame. Check out her two pages below! She got the ideas and layouts from

First page!
Second page!
Brilliant, huh?

Hope you enjoyed the update! Until next time..

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  1. Awesome!! I love how you made a dog collar too! Brilliant idea! Cute dog! Thank you for giving me credit I really appreciate that. I love the scrapbooks pages your friend did a great job with them.