Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas Cards 2014

Here are pictures of the cards I made and sent this past Christmas:

This card was inspired by Jennifer McGuire. I think these actually turned out much better than expected. Jennifer's cards always look good but when I try them, they don't always look as nice! But, I was very pleased with the results. This technique was probably the most unique technique I've ever done. Lots of steps and possibilities for mishaps but it all worked out. :)

These were my favorite cards this year. I got the idea from Darlene Devries. I didn't have the same supplies so I had to change it up a bit. But, I loved these. Unfortunately, I didn't send any of these out. I made them for two auctions instead. The first time I made them, they took me 5 hours but it always takes me longer than I imagine. And everything was white paper and it was transformed into these beauties. Proud of this set.

This was a onesie I made because I wanted to try out the new stand up card and Snowman to Build set from Stamps of Life :) Inspired by ME!

I want to give credit for this one but I just saw it as an image on Pinterest and used my supplies and tried to make it as similar as possible. Unfortunately since pinterest is like the game 'telephone', I have no idea who originally created the card.

I also saw this one on Pinterest so I'm not exactly sure who to give credit to but this thanks to my Aunt Barbara for sharing this new Stampin Up! set with me. these were embossed and the detail is just stunning!!

These were not inspired by anyone in particular either. I just really wanted to use the little birds and the stamp, "Seasons Tweetings". My dad loves birds and I actually made this with him in mind but ended up sending him and Chantal a different card. I think these were just so-so. Not too impressed with my results.

I wanted to show my Aunt Barbara the Flip It cards by Stamps of Life so I made these during our craft day. I used an adorable moose and the greeting is, "Merry Kissmoose"!! I colored them with copic markers. I have been working very hard on practicing copic coloring.

This card was for those that do not celebrate Christmas. I always make a seasonal card for those people and I loved this one. I LOVE non-traditional colors. I embossed the gold snowflakes but otherwise, it's a total one dimensional card. -- I got the idea from Pinterest.

This card was inspired by Kristina Werner in an online card class for Holiday cards -- They have so so many classes going all of the time! Check it out here: Onlinecardclasses.com I didn't have the same products so I had to fudge this one quite a bit but I like the way it turned out!

I got this idea from Pinterest, as well. I just love the little elves. I tried to send these to those who I know had kids in the family. I thought they would get a kick out of it. I had to use a different punch for the ears. I still think they look cute. I was told that upside down they look like little pigs!!! :0

This is the card I made for my honey, Mike. He always gets a one time original. I got this idea from Jennifer McGuire. How cool it was to learn about partial die cutting!! And there is nothing I love more than doing an entire background using distress inks and sponging on the ink!!!

And last... but definitely  not least.. and my very favorite....

This one was my favorite to make. I only made 6. I made it for my family members and I sent one to my friends Erin and Bob. Erin is a fellow scrapbooker :)  I also got this idea from the holiday card class. It's a shaker card which is all the rave these days - and it's the very first one I made. I used copic markers to color everything and was happy with the shadowing I did for once. Practice makes perfect. It's a work in progress but I'm trying :) 

If you have any questions about materials or products used, please let me know. I will try to add that information in the future. 

Thanks for reading and talk to ya soon! :)

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